C&T Partners excels in the middle market with an approach that works with the management team to objectively analyzes the situation realizing there are always multiple alternatives to every situation.  We do not apply a cookie cutter solution to all situations.  Whether you will call your need for help a situation due to underperformance or financial distress or an opportunity because you have the basis of a solid business model or experienced and intelligent management team and need some liquidity or direction, an objective analysis of the situation is just the beginning.  Identifying the alternatives, the pros and cons of each and identifying the tough and sensitive decisions is where C&T Partners excels.

C&T Partners


Executive Leadership, Turnaround, Restructuring and Performance Improvement Professionals

The culture of C&T Partners is to optimize results through corporate renewal efforts.  Depending on the situation, results may need to be immediate to survive, results may need to be lasting and focused on creating long-term sustained market share and profitability, results may be to effectively manage the relationship between the creditors and the business, in the most dire situations, results may require liquidating the assets.  Regardless of the situation, C&T Partners can deliver the optimal solution for all the stakeholders.

Working collaboratively with the principals, key management team, lenders and other stakeholders, C&T will quickly and concisely identify the realistic alternatives, produce factual based analysis and help management compare alternatives to expeditiously determine the solution.

Our clients then rely on C&T to help them navigate through the optimal solution.  We rely on our leadership, vision, experience in situations like yours and relationships with creditors to help the team overcome the challenges you face today and help architect a long-term viable business.  We focus in on the correct balance of Liquidity, Profitability and Growth for each situation or opportunity.